Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Past knitting projects..

My brother has yet again noted that despite the fact that my blog is supposed to be about knitting AND eating, I seem to focus more on the food bit.. Well, to a certain extent that is true, esp since I definitely eat everyday as opposed to maybe knitting every other day or sometimes even less than that!

So anyway, I dug out my complete projects and took pictures of them.. Unfortunately, most of the nice stuff have either ben given away or I left them in England cos my sis has more opportunities using them there.. This is what I have left with me..

The first is my baby blanket. Took me 2 years to complete (although not all 2 years was spent on this project alone.. I get bored easily and like to do a few projects at a go..) There was no particular pattern that I followed. I just opened my stitch library book, decided on a few designs and started knitting.

I initially intended to make this for my cousin's baby daughter but by the time I completed it, she was already pregnant with her son (who, btw, just turned a year old in Nov). I couldnt bear to part with it after slaving over it for so long so Im keeping it, perhaps for my own baby.. God knows when that'll happen!

Ah my next project was a fun one. My first crochet piece. I bought this "Teach yourself crochet" set and got all excited with it. Finished this in 2 days I think. Simple, easy and I wouldnt mind making a few more for friends. I later got this book called "Sexy little knits" which has loads of patterns for bikinis and other skimpy outfits.. Perfect for hot Malaysian weather! I have a few projects in there that I'm interested in making for my friends since those are more useable here... Soon soon, when I have time!

Next: My first hat attempt. I say attempt cos I didnt bother testing out the sizing and tension before starting on it... so the end result is a bit too big. But it's okay. I plan to try felting it someday soon - since that makes it shrink a little.. Hopefully that helps or one of my teddy bears can have a new hat!

I just made another cap for my brother cos he complained that he needed one for cold winter days in England. Since I have loads of yarn lying around, I quickly crocheted a cap up for him. I need him to pose with it soon so that I can post the pic up.. Has to be done tmrw cos he's flying back to England on Thursday!

Finally, here is my first pineapple crochet project - now happily placed on my bedside table, underneath my table lamp. I took this picture while this was still work-in-progress.

I still have many various projects I've done in the past which I kept - mainly out of embarassment cos I consider those my "learning curves". I plan to take those out someday and reuse the yarn for other projects... in due time, in due time..

My current project is my lace top which I have to complete the front and back portions before I go back to Lily Handicraft in Sg Wang to continue my lessons. My pace is currently VERY slow, I need to speed up.. but so far all looks good... pics coming soon... Ta..