Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Shopping spree in Singapore

Finally, here are some shots of some of the craft items I got in Golden Dragon Store, People's Park Centre, Singapore. Am definitely planning to go back there when I next go down to SG... which should be in 3 weeks! Yippee..

Scraps of Japanese cloth, bought by my sis to make accessories or komono for her kimono collection... Bought by me to use as the lining for bags I hopefully will knit in future.. Or I can sew up accessories using these gorgeous cloth too. At S$2.90-5.00 per roll, I'd say they were a good buy..

Oh these were not bought in Golden Dragon but the craft shop in Ngee Ann City (take the escalators right in front of the Louis Vuitton and Chanel stores all the way to the top..). I used to make my own greeting cards using my stamps, embossing ink and powders, mainly Christmas cards. I wanted to make some last week after coming back but to my horror, my mom massacred my beloved stamps. I was really upset with her last week for that. She didnt even tell me that she was taking the stamps and the while kit to church for the kids to use.. and didnt bother cleaning the stamps when she brought them home. All my years of collecting wasted just like that. Sis and I spent most of the afternoon cleaning the stamps as best we could but the damage has been done. The inkpads are also ruined, same with the cleaning tools and cleaning pad. Sigh... Now I need to go hunt for that shop I bought it from.. Just hope it's still opened.

More from Golden Dragon.. kits to make pom-poms, flowers and a knitting tool to make rope. I have yet to decipher the instructions since some are in Japanese but in time, I shd be able to figure them out.

Kits to make different types of Chinese knots. There were more kits there for other types of knots but I decided to get 2 first and try them out. Mom's stash - she got 3D stickers which we can use to make greeting cards. She also got loads of iron-on patches for the kids to use in the craft session. I'm happy she got them cos that means a lesser chance of her using my stamps again.. (I know I am painfully obsessive about the state of my craft items but then a lot of these have been "found" in various shops over the years and there is a chance I may not find a replacement.. Money cant buy everything)

Anyway, my sister and brother are flying back to London tmrw. Dad just waltzed by and announced that the temperature is -4'C now over there... I miss the cold.. I really do. This is the time of the year I hibernate and sleep 14 hours a day.. It's been so long since I've been able to do that.

Oh yes, we just got back from the A&W PJ drive-in for rootbeer floats.. yum.. and Im stuffed.. Now listening to some jazz on my new iPod.. this is lulling me to sleep so I better start walking around and bug my sis and bro.. Ta..