Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Past food pics - random

I was looking through my pictures folder and found some old pics I'd taken of stuff I baked during the past year.. Here are some of the prettier shots.. I cant wait until our kitchen is done! We are currently refurbishing and extending our kitchen/dining area so I'll soon have my own baking corner to fit all my stuff AND the family collection of cook books (my sis and I make a hobby out of collecting cook b0oks - we may not necessarily bother baking/cooking what's in the books but we sure as hell love reading them!)

Anyway, here's my pics, pls excuse the poor photography and baking skills - to be improved..

Choc cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes - my sis and I were very free that day so we did the decorating..

We wrapped the cupcakes into these rattan baskets which we then gave to our neighbours to try.. Lovely neighbours we have, since they willing became our samplers/critics. I also gave one to my colleague Sunaina as her birthday present.

I think these were choc chip cupcakes..

And plain vanilla cupcakes..

Below: another baking session - blueberry muffins. The frozen blueberries, I suspect, weren't the best quality. These muffins sadly did not turn out as expected so we threw them all out.

Below: Cupcakes again (at one point, I had a craze to bake cupcakes.. But it was good cos trial and error helped to perfect the recipe)

Below: a random pic of my dad's fried chicken marinated with curry powder.. looks good..