Friday, 11 January 2008

A long week this was..

So many things have happened this past week. First was the news of ShuZanne's passing.

And we in the office were busy with our report which finally came out on Friday.

Thursday was a public holiday - Awal Muharram - so we were at the Gardens.. I felt like eating something Indian so we went to Annalakshmi.. not bad food and you pay how much you want.

Thursday dinner was Cafe Cafe - my parents finally decided it was time for them to go try.. Main issue for my dad was the fact that there were quite a lot of mosquitos in the restaurant.. and that they charged us corkage for our bottle of wine. Big no-nos in my daddy's book of what makes a restaurant good. My mom seemed more interested in the hawker shop outside Cafe Cafe (which apparently has really good Hokkien mee so we'll try that next time). But my dad said he liked the foie gras reduction sauce used in his steak. Rommel and Dad took the tenderloin which they both said was good. Mom took the lamb which came in a really huge portion so pretty value for money. I took the wagyu beef cheek that Rommel had the last time and that was good.

As we were finishing dinner, we got a call from Uncle James and Aunty Irene that their daughter Celine was in hospital. We rushed there after dinner, found out that she started vomiting on Sunday but things got more serious so they first took her to a local GP.. Wednesday night it got worse so they took her to SJMC where she was admitted. She also had fever and kinda looked like she was possessed or something. Tests had ruled out dengue fever which was the first thing you'd suspect. As of this afternoon when I asked my parents, they still hadnt found out the cause of her illness. I prayed for her in church this morning..

Friday was a pretty stressful day.. Actually Im not sure if it was stressful but it sure was tiring. At about 7pm, I was kinda hungry and in need of a good drink. Since most of us were still in the office and were all hungry, we decided to go to Hard Rock Cafe - a place we've all not been to in a while. Rommel and Sunaina's husband Lakshman joined us. Food was so-so, typical Hard Rock fare.. expensive drinks esp after Happy Hour was over at 9pm. But a plus is they have veggie burgers so Sunaina can satisfy her cravings - she's been complaining that she cant find veggie burgers in Malaysia.

Saturday morning started early with a facial appointment for my mom and myself. I needed to relax so I had a good sleep in there. Then I went and got my hair coloured and my fringe cut (Shen, I REALLY look like you now.. Ahhhh). Rommel says I look like a China-doll now and I dont think he likes it. Ah well, this is how my stylist Florence cut it so I'll just leave it like this for now.

Rommel and I went to his friend's house for dinner on Saturday night.. we played Black Jack and Im hoping my lucky streak stays with me until Chinese New Year.. I got at least 6 Black Jacks last night!! Haha.. but we were playing small.. RM1 per round only.. Just for the fun of it. Shen and Patty, remember those days we used to play RM100 per round with Ma? It's like my mom was making us earn our angpao money rather than just give it to us directly.

One thing I've done a lot this weekend is catch up on sleep. I've just woken up from a nap actually. I've been so so so tired these past few days that I really knock out when I sleep and its been so difficult to wake up. This coming week is also going to be tiring as we're having our annual conference. Early night for me tonight!

But first, I need to get to Gardens cos mommy wants me to get something from Robinsons for her. A gold vase for the living room. Shen's we've started putting up the CNY decos - I'll take pics when I can.