Monday, 7 January 2008

Eventful week

Firstly, okay Ive figured out what I did wrong with the settings which was the reason why my paragraphs went wonky on me.. *phew*

Anyway, this past week summarised:
1) We had the office walls repainted over the weekend.
The wall facing me is now peach which is alright I suppose. Not a bad choice.. The wall in the corridor leading to the pantry on the other hand, has been the subject of debate since this morning when everyone saw it for the first time. Some liked it, most hated it.. Prem referred to its shade of green as the colour of boogers. It is now referred to as the "booger wall" in research. Haha.. I think we'll be getting that part repainted.

The other departments also had a repainting done. CF was being boring and painted all the walls white. But I quite like just plain and simple white. The backoffice is now cream, which I prefer to white.. The dealing room did not make any changes, but then again they already have a fiery orange on one of their walls so I think that's enough.

The paint fumes are the cause of my headache and bad mood today I think.. Hopefully things improve, air quality-wise tmrw.

2) My sis and bro went back to London - nothing really big since they go back and come back to KL ever so often. But the house is much more quieter since they've gone..

3) Prem's wedding reception on Saturday - it was at Bangles in Ampang. An Indian restaurant with sufficient garden space to have a party. A casual affair.. Only minus was that it rained so the floor was all wet.. Pretty much ruined my Itti Otto goldish silver leather shoes.

4) We went out clubbing with my cousin-in-law Allen, cousin Leong Jr, Jenny and Kok Keong on Friday night. First time out with them and we went to Beach Club, Rum Jungle and Aloha.. Certainly eventful but no one got too drunk or anything. Ended with a nice mamak session behind Menara IMC - this was the mamak I frequented with the Credit Suisse bunch when I interned there 2 years ago. Pretty good nasi lemak..

5) My house is covered in a layer of dust... and there's a smell of cement in the air... We finally tore down the inner wall that separated the dining hall and the kitchen.. Everything's all dusty and dirty now. Cant wait for the kitchen to be completed though.. I was checking out Nigella Lawson's new book, Nigella Express and am dying to try some of the recipes. I like such books cos the recipes are not too complicated and the ingredients are mostly obtainable. Scallops with chorizo sausages.. yum (Im imagining)..

6) Super busy in the office although I managed to squeeze time to write this. My headache may be due to me staring at Excel spreadsheets all day. I just realized that I have not had a single drop of water since lunchtime which is most probably why I have yet to visit the loo since.. It 7pm now.. Lunch ended at 2.. This is bad for my body.

Okay I wanna go home now. Most probably will bring the laptop home to continue.. I dunno.. Im too tired.. We'll see... Ta.