Saturday, 3 October 2009

Knit FO: Mom's Birthday shawl

For my mom's birthday this year, on top of the usual handbags (well, we've decided that by buying each other handbags, we can all use them!), I also crocheted her a shawl.

I chose this lovely gold and brown yarn at Jet Sun in Sg Wang, as recommended by the aunties there. My memory is very poor now and I cant remember the name of this yarn. The pattern is from one of my numerous Japanese crocheted shawls books. (My knitting books now take up 2 shelves in my room....)
* The shawl pin is actually my sister's hair pin. I took these pictures in her room since I was using her dressform as my model.


Annie said...

Great b/day gift to your mom!! Nice colour! I'm sure she'll love it!! I've tried crochet shawl... must try one day!!

Walter said...

That's an amazing colour pattern.
Very beautiful. Men can't wear shawls, but a nice pullover, maybe ?
Thanks for posting.

Petrina said...

Thanks Annie and Walter!

Yup I sure hope she likes it! So far so good, she's already been trying to come up with matching outfits for the shawl. :)

Walter, if this was a pullover it'll be very heavy! The yarn is pretty dense.... I tried knitting with it but the colours did not show up as nice as in this pattern. :)


Farahana said...


What a lovely gift to your Mom's other than handmade items. How lucky you are to know both crochet and knitting techniques. Your creations are lovely and beautiful.