Monday, 12 January 2009

Piggin' Out: Yuzu, The Gardens

Restaurant: Yuzu, The Gardens
Address: T236, Third floor, The Gardens @ Midvalley City
Tel: 03 2284 7663
Other reviews: Masak-masak, Two Moo's & A Foo, Lim Mei Yen

We had our New Year's Day dinner at Yuzu - brought our godbrothers Sunny and David to try it out. Since all of us pretty much eat everything and anything (excluding my mom), we left most of the decision up to Raymond, the restaurant manager to decide.

We started of with the sashimi platter. Key highlight was the uni.

Sorry I've forgotten what fish this was but it tasted good with some spring onions and ponzu dressing.

Semi-cooked octopus tentacles.

Crispy deep fried salmon skin salad.

Kobe beef tataki.

A simple soba with egg to end the meal.

We paired the dinner with these wines:

And we brought our own kuih (bought from Bangsawan in The Pavilion) which the chef dressed up and served with matcha icecream.


petrina said...

looks yummmmmm!!!!!!!!!!