Monday, 14 January 2008

My restaurants wishlist

Just back from dinner with Paul and Angela, an Irish couple, my dad's business contact. We've been having dinners with them for a number of years now and I always enjoy talking to Angela, especially since we're both foodies. Always great dinner company..

My dad wanted to bring them to try the Angus steak house in Pavilion.. they said it was good steak and apparently its the same standard at Prime in the Le Meridien Hotel. Now, Rommel and I have been talking for the past maybe one year now about going to try Prime but we somehow never got round to it. I guess we should. Anyhow, Paul mentioned that he'll take us there next..

I then started thinking of all the places in KL that I've said I want to try but have never seemed to find the time. Here's my list:

1) Cilantro - French-Fusion food, located in Micasa service apts but when I last called the number, it's been disconnected. I knew that they were going to close down there because Micasa is undergoing refurbishment. I guess they've closed. Checks on their website said that they've moved to the Gardens at Midvalley but when I tried calling the number, no answer. Cant confirm if they've open yet cos I've not called again. And mind you, I called last week.

2) Prime, Le Meridien - Numerous ppl have told me that this place has the best steak in town but of course, it comes at a price. I also know of ppl who've had food poisoning after eating there but it could have been a one-off thing. Anyhow, I'll never know until I try it.

3) Nerovivo - somewhere near Frangipani, Italian food, apparently good but somehow I am never one to pay for Italian food here which is why I have never gone. Yes its good in Italy, but I dont quite fancy Italian food here.. esp when I can have French. or Japanese. or Chinese. But again, I'll never know until I try.

4) Suzy's Corner - The cheap but good steak place in Ampang - quite a number of ppl have told me about this place and Angela is one of them. Rommel apparently knows where it is but I have no clue. It's outdoors, nothing fancy, but apparently for the price you pay, the steak is good.

I know there are other restaurants I can certainly add to this list but I cant think at the moment. It's been a long and busy busy day in the office.. My neck hurts, my head aches and my brain doesnt want to think anymore.

Mental note to oneself: I need to make a list of restaurants in London too. Shen and Patty, you guys are suppose to do more reviews on London restaurants for me and take pictures!!

Heck, let me just make a short list of some of my favourite places to eat in London:

1) Dimsum - Imperial China, on the street parallel to the main Chinatown street, Gerrard Street. Sorry cant remember the name of the road. But yea, this was my favourite place for dimsum esp after a late night out and Im recovering from a hangover the morning after.

2) Belgian mussels - Belgo Centraal, Earlham St, Covent Garden. My dad's must-go place whenever he's in London. My current fav sauce for the mussels are the Thai Green Curry but the Classique and Provencale ones are pretty good too. Always packed, pretty noisy, not fine dining.. but hey, its pretty much the only place where I do eat mussels.

3) Beef steak sandwiches - Farmer Brown's on New Row, Covent Garden. Another of my dad's favs. I love their bacon, mushroom and cheese sandwich.. Yum.. This place was literally 5 mins away from my Covent Garden flat (I used to live on St Martins Lane opposite the American Hotel). Was one of my usual haunts before or after classes and one of the reasons for my weight gain that year.

4) Helen's Kebabs, Edgware Road - from what I can remember, it was only open in the middle of the night. More of a takeaway place, not much seating but good kebabs that ppl are willing to queue up in the bitter winter for. A great post-clubbing supper, my flatmates and I frequented Helen's when we stayed on George St, off Edgware Rd.

5) 1997 Restaurant, Wardour St, Chinatown - more commonly known as "97" - for your post-clubbing in Soho supper. Good after a bit too much alcohol, order their laksa which I must say is pretty authentic Malaysian Chinese-style laksa. But hey, the workers are mostly Malaysians.. My flatmates befriended some of them so we used to get good service there. The laksa is also good for a monrning after hangover cure.

6) Ubon by Nobu, Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf. We flatmates went there once for Joyce's birthday. It was a surprise for her as well as we told her it was a farewell for Suen who was going back to KL for Xmas - and she believed us! It took much planning between the 3 of us flatmates so I was to bring Joyce there while Suen and Nadia went earlier to bring the birthday cake. Lovely meal, had the best black cod with miso in my life, superb desserts as well. BUT, of course its not cheap. It's the sister restaurant of Nobu in Mayfair where all the celebs eat but Ubon has a much more casual setting with great views of the River Thames. I later brought my family there for a meal too. My dad's verdict: Very good quality of sushi but yea, pricey..

Okay okay I said I was going to sleep. I will now. Ta.. Shen, let me know if I missed out on any of our favourite London restaurants.


prettycuter said...

Cilantro is opening at The Gardens in April :D

Petrina said...

Thank you!! :D