Thursday, 10 April 2008

Knit update - Shawl turned to snood, may turn into scarf

Yes, I seem to have been blogging mostly about food and totally forgotten about knitting. But I realise that I have my moods for these things. Perhaps it's because when I bake something, in an hour or so, I end up with a tray of muffins or cupcakes which I can happily share with everyone.

On the other hand, it takes me much longer to knit or crochet something, unless of course it's a small project like a hat or scarf. I guess I like fast results. That'll explain why diets and exercise never work in my "attempt" to lose weight. I give up after, like a day or two.

1) Shawl turned to snood, may turn into scarf
Anyway, a quick update: what I have done is ripped out my first shawl attempt (which was ripped from my first hat attempt). The problem is I have such lovely Debbie Bliss alpaca yarn and I don't want to waste it. And I could only buy 3 balls of it (that was all the shop had).

I started on a snood, mixing the lovely yarn with Rowan's Biggy yarn but the Rowan yarn is too itchy for my skin so I'm now thinking of ripping that one too and starting over. Maybe I'll just have to settle for a small scarf cos that yarn is really super soft and feels superb against my skin.

2) Knitting shops in London, here I come
In preparation of my trip back to London in June (I know its 2 months away but I can't wait!), I decided to check out if there are any interesting yarn shops.

This is what I found:

- Spitting Yarn: this site gives a list of yarn shops around London, their weblinks and contact details too!

- All the Fun of the Fair: Cool looking shop, in an excellent location on Kingly St. I really wonder why I never saw it before when I was there. Perhaps I was always around Kingly St at night, at the clubs nearby. Hehe.. Not exactly the time you'd be looking for yarn shops!

- I Knit: In Waterloo area so hopefully nearby to my sister's place. Shen, check out the map and let me know if it's easy to get there from your flat..

- Loop: I absolutely love the pictures on this website!! And it's in Islington, near your school Shen!! Go check it out for me!


Priscilla said...

Hee, I haven't checked out the sites yet, but will do soon-ish! Waterloo isn't actually all that close by, but it's a quick train ride from here! Just take one stop to Bank, change, then take the Waterloo and City line, which only has one stop anyways. Only thing is, that particular line is always closed at night and on weekends o_O

As for the one near school, lemme see where exactly it is first xD