Sunday, 10 February 2008

Knit update: Completed Suen's scarf and started a new project

*Phew* I managed to complete Huei Suen's scarf in time! Passed it to her yesterday and both her and the scarf are now in Hong Kong where I hope it gets put into good use!

Here is a pic of it.

I didnt have any white chunky yarn with me when she asked if I could make such a scarf for her so I used 3 yarns together of my Baby Shimmer yarn from Courtelle. It's the same yarn I used for my baby blanket, bought maybe 4 years ago in Shrewsbury.

The pattern is my own. I decided to do a Celtic cable piece at the ends as a border while the middle bits were in a lace mesh pattern I got from my Knitter's Bible book. The scarf also has a garter stitch border throughout so that it doesn't curl up. Knitted on 10mm needles.

I also had time to complete a long standing WIP - my teal-coloured shrug - knitted with the yarn Shen chose in John Lewis during my last trip to London (Sirdar BLUR in shade 0716). I haven't taken pics of it yet cos I think I need to wear it to actually show how it looks like. Another time.

And to top it off, I started on another project - a shawl. This will be my first shawl. I'm following a pattern from one of my Japanese crochet books Shen and I got from Kinokuniya last Xmas. I am using the Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk in this really light orange. An absolutely soft and gorgeous yarn I bought at a John Lewis sale maybe 2 years ago. I initially knitted my first hat with it (see pic below). Shen do you remember my orange hat? The one that's too big?? Yup, say bye to it. I ripped everything out so that I could use the yarn.

Now when I bought the yarn at the sale, I only managed to get 3 balls so I definitely do not have enough to make a whole shawl. Since it's a triangular shawl and I'm starting from the middle section, I've used this Debbie Bliss yarn first since it's so soft and not itchy at all. At the outer ends, I have decided to use Sublime cashmere merino silk aran in deep blue as a contrast. I bought 4 balls of this in Singapore last August. The shawl looks good so far. Will post up pics ASAP!