Tuesday, 19 February 2008

All drugged up...

No I do not mean the narcotic kind...

It's a Tuesday late morning. I'm at home. And that means... I'm sick! Finally succumbed to the evil flu bug that has been terrorising the office these past few weeks. Mine started a few days back but it wasn't full on yet. Perhaps the lack of rest and the overeating during the weekend made things worse..

Went to work feeling a little better this morning actually. Felt worse last night and took some Panadols. Then the headaches returned and brought with it the cold and the cough.

I visited Dr Shanta over in Klinik Menara.. It's been a year since I last went there. I guess that means it's been a whole year since I last got really sick. I only go to the doc's when I'm really sick.

Other than my current bug, we also talked about my allergies.. and I realised that these allergies of mine might just be more serious than previously thought. Not life threatening or anything, but I just have to be careful.

Major allergy incidences over the years:

  1. Most recent - ulcers in the mouth over the weekend. I didnt attribute it to an allergy. Just thought I havent drank enough water or lacked sleep. Dr Shanta said it can happen when I eat something with sulphur in it.
  2. The Rick's Cafe fainting, a few weeks back - Lobster and white wine are apparently a no-no for me.. Luckily I'm not that big a fan of either.
  3. The Pineapple juice incident, early 2006 - My maid made some juice with pineapples and carrots. My brother and I each took a glass. Half an hour later, I've developed a bad rash all over my neck and I start wheezing. Another midnight trip to the hospital for me. We thought it might have been the meat at first but my maid made the same juice again the next morning and again the same thing happened. I cant figure this one out though cos it's not like I've never had carrots or pineapple before. Perhaps it was just the combination.
  4. Fainting in the shower at home, sometime in 2004 - If I remember correctly, I also had just one glass of white wine that night. Can't remember what I ate though.
  5. Fainting again in London, sometime 2003 - also in the shower and after a few drinks. And it's not like I can get drunk on just a few drinks!?!
  6. Fainting in Telawi, Bangsar, sometime summer 2003 - this wasnt really fainting. More like I saw everything blood red, I couldn't breathe and my friends tell me my lips were blue. I'm not sure if this was an allegic reaction though cos all I had that night was half a bottle of Kampai.. alcohol content in that is pretty much non-existent. We also suspect my drink may have been spiked. No proof though and luckily, I had great friends who took care of me.
  7. Wheezing after playing with the cat - yes I am allergic to cats. Like really allergic to them. I once carried my cat, started sneezing and wheezing and had to immediately take anti-histamines. So now all I ever do is maybe use my feet and pat them. Or just dont go near them.

Other allergy issues:
  1. I get rashes around my abdomen and back more frequently these days. Dr Shanta said it could be the detergent or something.. I agree with her and also think the heat in Malaysia makes it worse.
  2. Wheezing after red wine - I get this pretty often actually, and usually if the wine is Australian. Dont ask me why.. but my dad says its because Australian wine seem to have a higher content of sulphur in them. I'm like the sulphur detector for wines. Haha.. All I have to do is take a sip and wait. If all goes well, I can drink it. If not, I just stop. Simple.

Medication I have for this week:
  1. Antibiotics for the flu bug
  2. 2 types of allergy medication - one for day and one for night
  3. Panadol for my fever and headaches
  4. Cough syrup with ventolin - my fav.. I think I can get addicted to this. Whoops..

Okay I took my medicine just before writing this entry so am feeling sleepy now. Ta..