Friday, 15 February 2008

Busy weekend ahead.. followed by busy week

Firstly, it's Rommel's birthday today so Happy Birthday Boo!!
And Happy V-Day to everyone else. Sorry I'm a day late. Busy week at work and by the time I get home, my eyes are too tired to stare at yet another screen.

I love making lists, makes me feel that my life is a bit more organised.

My to-do list for the weekend:

  1. CFA L2 class on Saturday - 6 hours of torture
  2. Aunty Lena's CNY party on Saturday evening - need to decide what to wear
  3. Our CNY party on Sunday evening - preparations needed, stress anticipated, lots of entertainment required. I hope I'll be in a jolly mood and not pms-ing. I have already decided what to wear - my lime green full-length dress from Salabianca, bought with this party in mind.
  4. It's Sr Bernadine's last weekend with us before she goes back to Penang so I'd best take her out somewhere for dinner

Doesn't seem like a lot of things but 6 hours of class is killing me. Sigh.

Another list - reviews I have yet to write:

  1. Tin Kam Leng coffee shop, Chukai - went during our Club Med trip. Kari Mee with ikan kembong.
  2. Nerovivo, Jalan Ceylon - went last Tuesday with Godbrother Sunny. Verdict: Disappointing esp after all that I've read about it. I doubt I'll go back. More to come in the review.

I found out Sunny is very much a foodie too and he wanted to try the steak at Angus in Pavilion. Took him there on Wednesday for lunch and he said it was the best steak in KL (Note: in KL... not in the world. For that you will have to either go to Japan, Argentina or Spain - based on my various steak sources).

A short knit update

My shawl: I changed my mind about using the Sublime cashmere merino silk aran since I asked around and everyone agreed the two colours didn't quite match. I settled for the same yarn I used for the shrug, the Sirdar BLUR one but as I went along I realised a few things...

Rommel already warned that the colours also didn't quite jive but I thought it was ok - kinda quirky but ok. Also, the yarn wasn't very nice to crochet since there was mohair in it. so I did a little feature bit out with that yarn and then I changed to the Baby Shimmer yarn (the one used in Suen's scarf).

So there's a burnt orange bit to start, a teal feature in middle and finally off-white for the end. I still haven't decided what yarn to use for the border but I'll see as I go along. It looks nice in a quirky way I suppose. But I like it. That's all that matters.