Saturday, 23 February 2008

My kitchen collection's expanding! And more foodie pics..

Boy, I've been happily snapping pictures in the house these past few days. Finally have time to post them here!

First, I complained to my mom about how old and dirty our measuring cups and spoons. Also hinted that I wanted to get a nice red set... preferably the one in Pavilion shop in Gardens. And so she got them when she was there sometime this week!

Here's what she got: Measuring cups, measuring spoons and a bottle opener (cos we always seem to be looking for bottle openers in the house).

Here's what my "red" collection looks like now:
Am so happy... the collection is slowly growing..

And here's how they look like in my drawer:

We went grocery shopping at the Village Grocer, Bangsar Village a few days back cos we almost ran out of meat in the freezer. As usual, I had to browse and got other things too. Here's what I found!

Above: Pure chocolate syrup (I'm not sure what I'll make with this yet but I'll think up of something when I have the time) and Organic Madagascar pure vanilla extract - RM45 for this tiny bottle but I'm sure it's worth it. Can't wait to make plain vanilla cupcakes to taste it!

Below: My vanilla collection... I'm thinking of getting the rest of the range in the Village Grocer. Should I?

Below: Mixed herbs with a built-in grinder (I have no idea why I bought it but yea I thought it looks nice, and I do use quite a lot of these dried herbs when we have western food. I dont buy fresh herbs cos I sometimes can't get the ones I want. Like once, I needed rosemary for my lamb and I couldn't find it in Cold Storage in BSC!). On the right is a salad sprinkle - I can replace my usual sea salt and herbs part in my salad dressing with this. Rommel was the one who noticed that this spice brand (Robertsons) was something we've not seen before which is why I decided to try it.

I also finally made my EasiYo yoghurt. It's so so so easy and so so so nice! I first tried the strawberry one which was the same pink as the bottle and the flask! Hehe... talk about super-bimbo. It was slightly too sweet for me though. But I made the Greek yoghurt one last night and tried it just now. Yummm... Just add a spoonful of good honey and maybe some muesli or Grapenuts. I might just make some crumble to go with it.. read a recipe for it in Nigella's How to Eat.

My colleague Tracy gave the candle and flowers arrangement below for our open house. So nice! And it went superbly well with the kitchen!

Here's some pics of our dinner on Wednesday night, cooked by Evelyn. We had stir fried four angle beans with belacan, fried chicken marinated with ginger and omelette. And of course a soup. Simple meal.

The next day's dinner was more elaborate. We had godsister Stella come over for dinner so we bought chilli crabs from Tian Tian Hot Wok Restaurant in Kuchai.

Here's the spread (the chilli crabs, fried mantau to go with the crabs, balitong fried kam heong style, deep fried pork ribs with marmite sauce and hokkien fried meehoon):

Shen, since we are not able to send the cookies to you this CNY, here's pics of some! Notice most of them are already half empty... Hehe..



Danielle Bumblebee said...

the n-massey vanilla's definitely worth it.. i use nothing else (except when it comes to homemade extract).. tell me how ur cupcakes turn out..

when i get back, we'll HAVE to bake together.. like old times..

Petrina said...

Will put up pics of the cupcakes once I find time to bake them!!

Yes yes we MUST... the next time you're back!