Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Club Med Pics - part 1

Back in the office, didnt get a tan, managed to get some exercise and finally ALL OF US HAD GREAT FUN!!

I haven't brought my pics to the office yet because I couldn't find my pen drive in my handbag last night. Found it in the office this morning. So I'll upload those pics tmrw!

Pics from our Club Med Cherating offsite:

Sailing.. Rommel, Hilton and I on one catamaran.. Fun and I definitely wanna do it again!

Juliana, Calise and Thomas on another catamaran. Check out his pose!!

Everyone bumming in the jacuzzi. Great after a long day of activities.

Kingston, Ashraf and Geraldine

Ellie, myself and Geraldine

Another pic of us... Haha..

Gambar mabukkk.... Signs of wayyy to much alcohol. Actually, we didnt have THAT many.

Deen, Yati, myself, Aidah, Juliana and Geraldine - at the foyer in front of the meeting rooms

It poured for most of Saturday morning so we had to have our team building activities indoors.

Kingston, Yang Cheng, Ellie, Geraldine and Ashraf playing Risk..

Wai Fun, Ellie, Calise, Juliana, Geraldine, Yati and Kingston - by the beach

In the meeting room..

Junior presentation..

Dinner time! Ellie, myself, Rommel

Group 1 - Mighty Mac

Group 2 - The Cubes

Group 3 - Mac Attack

Many thanks to all those who took pics ~ Juliana, Fazellah, Calise, Kingston and Hazman.

I promise to bring my pics to work tmrw!