Thursday, 6 March 2008

The Office

The colleagues and I have always said that someone should just bring a video camera to office and film everything that goes on here! There's always drama, lots of emotions, tantrums and ppl who need to be placated. God it sounds like a kindergarden!!

But what with all the stress everyone goes through (stock broking has never been known as the most relaxing of jobs), I suppose tensions do flare and arguments do occur.

And yet, I suppose that is the way of life really. I was just thinking about it after lunch. We spend more time with the people in the office than we do with our families. From 7am every morning until whatever time it is at night that we get to go home, we see these faces, we have breakfast together, we have lunch together, we chat over tea in the pantry, we argue while staring at the Bloomberg screen, we shout at each other from across the room, we make jokes about one another. It's inevitable, we become some sort of surrogate family to each other.

Dont misunderstand. I am not about to declare undying love for all of them. But it's just that we spend so much time with each other that we have no choice but to become so familiar with one another. From everyone's habits and oddities, to what they like to eat or drink, to how many siblings they have..

I admit, on reflection, I must be a pain to work with at times. I'm emotional about things and I never deny it. I get upset easily, I like to complain and so I guess I can really be annoying. Sometimes I cant help it. But I learnt that I need to be in control of my feelings and my attitude. Otherwise, it's just not professional. At the end of the day, as chummy as we are with everyone else, this is still not home, this is an office. Let's just hope everyone can keep their emotions in check.

Okay enough muttering. Enough said. Ta.

Oh btw, on a less serious note, I've started on a new project. A black ruffle scarf for Suen... :)


Priscilla said...

Eh, must be better to be talkative, than to be a quiet little mouse like me! Hehehe..

I haven't gone to bed yet cos I just finished and submitted my coursework. Thank God! I had a problem getting it to the right word range.. I thought it was 2000 words, but turns out the maximum was 1000! Haih.. Oh well, at least it looks a hell load neater and shorter now!

I'm creating a kimono wiki just for the fun of it. When I'm done setting up the base of it, I'll send you a link lol :P

Priscilla said...

*pokes* Go see my blog! I uploaded LOADS.... Oh, be sure to look at the post right after the dress one!! XD