Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Thanks for the yarn, Shen!

This is what greeted me when I got home today...

And when I opened it...

Thanks a bunch Shen!! I really like the iKnit ones! And now, what shall I make with them??

P/S: Apologies for the lack of words. Am suffering from writer's block at the moment. I have a report to write and have been staring blankly at the screen all day in the office! So take your time and drool over the yarn.


Priscilla said...

Yeah a part of me is wishing I went to iKnit first rather than John Lewis! Then I could've bought you a bunch of those pretty yarn. Then again, they were more expensive than the Rowan yarn.. But I think the yardage should be better too!

I bought the purple and maroon yarn to go together because those are very kimono colours, but I think those would make a nice vest! Well, one which is nice and girly like a purple vest with maroon lace decorations, like a maroon strip at the hem of the vest, expanding into 3 inches of lace, getting more delicate towards the bottom. Maybe do the same thing to make sleeves? Then again, I don't really like it when sleeves are a different colour.. Maybe 2 inches of purple and 3 inches of maroon lace? I'll draw out a picture and see.

Oooh, or maybe, if there's enough yarn, make a long-sleeved top? do something like a normal vest with a lace hem (like your grandpa knit) and add a strip of another colour just under the bust to get an empire line.. Then for the sleeves (the shoulder straps will have to be wider than your grandpa knit... maybe 2 inches?) switch to the same colour as the empire line and crochet a long, loose lacey type sleeve. I can't remember the name now.. The kind that hugs the arms, then gets loose at the elbow?

:D I'm going nuts over possible designs!


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