Saturday, 13 September 2008

Knit update: Current WIPs Sept 08

And now..... here are just some of my WIPs... mainly those I've not posted pictures of before.

First up is my crochet bag, made with Rowan Biggy yarn in a nice neutral beige. The body is all done but I can't decide what sort of handles would go with this. And also, since it's so simple (i.e. plain), I'm thinking of some embellishments... So until I make up my mind, it sits in my WIP basket.

And here is my Geometric shawl. A simple knit pattern using the Jaeger merino aran yarn I bought for S$7.50/ball in Golden Dragon, Singapore. And using Clover takumi 5mm bamboo circulars, also bought at GD.

I was in Sg Wang one day after work while waiting for the family to come pick me up for dinner. As always, I somehow got encouraged by the nice people at Jet Sun to purchase 4 balls of Katia Chantilly. Super super squishy and soft acrylic yarn, perfect for a baby blanket. I dont know who will be giving birth around the time when I finish this but I guess it'll go to whoever that person is!

And finally, my latest WIP. Jilly's stole. It's a bit too skinny for a shawl, but I dont want it to be a scarf so I figured that it's actually pretty flexible. You can use it as a light shawlette/wrap with a simple dress, or tied around the waist as a belt, or around the head as a headband type of thing. I dont know.

But my problem was that I only have 1 skein of this yarn - The Plucky Knitter's BFL superwash in.... Her Ladyship. I love the name! So this is now known as Her Ladyship stole. I just love the colours.... It looks better than in the pictures by the way.

A sneak peak at my next project? Possibly. Just bought these at Golden Dragon as well. 6 pretty balls. So pretty that I'm contented by just looking at them instead of knitting with them. So what should I make? I bought this with the intention of making a vest/tank top. Perhaps perhaps...


Priscilla said...

LoL sudden influx of knitting posts!! Nahh, I don't mind you using white kitty! He really is all lonely up on that shelf anyway. Maybe I should bring him down more often?

I love the Sushi hat btw! :D Can I bring it back to London? Just for those 6 months?