Tuesday, 23 December 2008

2 days before Christmas...

... and I'm stuck in the office.

Am finishing up some things and hopefully I'll get to leave early today. We have a superbusy schedule to follow.

- Last night, we were in church to put up the Christmas decorations. 4 of us didnt stay long though because Fatteh was getting agitated. Ended up at a newly-discovered Japanese restaurant in Jaya One called Hanazen. (pics and review to come)
- Tonight it's a French dinner with Victoria. (mental note to self to take pictures)
- Tomorrow is a busy day. Sis and I need to bake some cupcakes and cookies for our outreach thingy after the Christmas midnight mass. And then there's Mass as well. If all goes well, I hope to be in bed by 3am.
- Christmas Day is another busy affair. Have a couple of homes to visit throughout day and to spend time with family.

I think I'll need the next 4 days after this to recuperate. Thank God we're checking into the Hilton.

My checklist of things I need to blog about:
- Hanazen review
- Yarn update: My latest stash of yarnies from the Plucky Knitter arrived last week and I have yet to take pictures of them!
- Pictures from last week's Christmas carolling party at home.
- My Laduree macaroons from Harrods.

Short knit update:
- Juniper Syrian shawl - almost done with the second ball of yarn. I have 4 balls to go. I just love the colour.
- Vanna throw - still chugging along. I say chugging along not because I dont like knitting it but because it's getting so heavy!! Feels warm and snug though.
- Feather and fan stole - not much progress since I'm concentrating on the other 2.