Saturday, 12 July 2008

Sorting stuff out...

... in the office.... on a Saturday.

No, not office-y stuff though right now cos I've just finished the things I need to get done for Monday morning.

So now, the other things in life which I was supposed to sort out but didnt have any time this past week to do. Busy week at work.

I've just sorted out our pictures from the London-Barcelona-Lourdes trip and am burning them onto a CD to be sent to the photo shop... Need to get them printed soon and then I can start on the photo album.

To those who don't know my family well, after every trip, we compile all the pictures, ticket stubs from the flight/movie/play or whatever, postcards and everything memorable that is flat... and I arrange everything in a scrap book/ photo album... I include little paragraphs on the photos, what happened that day, where we went, what we ate etc. I suppose, sort of like blogging it but the old school version - on paper.

Yes it takes loads of time and a lot of effort to make it but it's really rewarding, especially years on when you look back at the photos and reminisce.

Anyway, while I wait for the CD to be burned, I might as well blab on.

Yesterday was Aunty Lena's farewell do at 7ateNine at the Ascott. It was also the Midsummer Night's Feast at Shook! Starhill Gallery. So I went to 7ateNine for a while before heading off for dinner.

Dinner was pretty good... Super tender beef cooked 2 ways - one lightly grilled and another braised until I could cut it with a fork. But the piece de resistance was the foie gras and smoked duck ravioli starter. Really, it was heavenly. In fact, I'm craving for more now. We didnt take any pictures because the ravioli didnt look good. Just tasted bloody good!!

Today I'm alone for most of the day. Ma, Pa and Rommel are at some office sports day event which I was supposed to go for but then I went to see my chiropractor and came into the office to get my book (am having a licensing exam on Tuesday and I have yet to start studying!!). The siblings are off for their Undang lesson... you know, the written part of the Malaysian driving test. Well, they have to first sit through a whole day of lesson before taking the test some time next week I think.

Tonight, it's Bon Odori night in KL. My sister and brother attend every year for the past couple of years without fail except for 2005 - it was my graduation from LSE so Shen was in London with me and the parents for it. So of course they're going. And they're dragging Rommel and I there. Rommel wont wear a men's yukata but I'll don one from Shen's collection. Must remember to post pics from the event!

Tomorrow is the SFX Annual Family Day. If you're in the PJ area tomorrow morning, please drop by for some great food, games and of course, there will be things to buy! Mom is again decorating the Maranatha stall and this year's theme is Kampung Maranatha. So expect yummies like nasi lemak, pisang goreng, assorted kuih and loads more.

So it's a busy weekend for all of us. When am I going to find time to study? Sigh..

Oh yes, yesterday I wanted to put up a quick post on what happened during my lunchtime but I was really busy. You see, I always wondered if I'd really turn out like my mom. I think yesterday, I sort of did... at least for lunchtime.

I wanted to get my hair done for the Midsummer Night's Feast but the only free time I had was lunch. Since I was going to wash my hair, I figured I might as well do my nails. So, at 12.15pm, I dashed out of the office and ran to A Cut Above in Parkson Pavilion. At 1.30pm, I was out of the salon all blowdried and manicured but I still had errands to run. First stop was Kiehls to get some toiletries. Then it was Stuart Weizman to pick up 2 clutch bags for Ma (one silver which I used last night and the other a bronze which Ma used.) Next was to run downstairs to the food court and I got myself an oyster mee sua to go. .

... back in the office at 1.50pm.

So proud I was able to get so much done in just one lunch time!

Okay enough enough... The second CD is almost done now so I can start packing up and getting ready to leave.