Friday, 29 August 2008

Knit update: Grandpa leaf vest and more yarn!

First up: the Grandpa vest (Grandpa's Cardigan yarn from The Plucky Knitter and the leaf tank pattern from one of my Vogue Knitting mags).

Completed the back portion last week. Just casted on the front. I was afraid I didn't have enough yarn so I simplified the neckline and straps which were supposed to be braided i-cords. Such pretty greys. Perfect for work with a crisp white shirt.

And next, I received these 2 weeks ago from JBW. 3 skeins of Malabrigo worsted merino and 5 balls of Cashmere Handspun by Trendsetter Yarns.

Aren't they gorgeous?? Just haven't figured out what to knit/crochet with them yet!

Oh yes, my second batch of Plucky yarns finally arrived yesterday. You see, I'd ordered quite a bit from her in June so she sent them in 2 parcels. One arrived before I went to London but one never did come at all.

After a while, we emailed each other about it and she's been so kind to send over another batch of the second parcel. That was sent on Aug 8 and arrived on Wednesday. Got Pa and Fatteh to go pick it up for me... Haven't had time to take pictures of the beautiful colours yet but will do it soon!


reidgriffin2002 said...

Greetings! Is your Trendsetter Handspun Cashmere in black by any chance?!?!
Anne in Los Angeles

Petrina said...

Merry Christmas! Thanks for browsing. Sorry no they are dark brown.