Monday, 18 August 2008

Monday jinx, monday blues

Talk about being jinxed! And downright lazy...

I'm talking about my brother.

He was supposed to have extended his UK student visa in preparation for A-Levels. The old visa was for 2 years of GCSE (the SPM equivalent in the UK).

He had 2 months to get it done. And what has happened? Nothing as usual....

.... until last night that is.

I didnt even know that it hadn't been sorted!

So at 1am last night, I was still struggling with his visa application form while my mom was scrambling around for his USPR certs and whatnots.

Then this morning we found out that you have to get it done online and you're encouraged to book an appointment to go there.

So another round this morning of scrambling and phone calls and mother getting all annoyingly upset over everything.

Finally all done by 11am and we managed to get an appointment for 2pm. Off went Pa and Patty to Wisma MCA.

At 2.45pm, I get a phone call from Ma saying they didnt do something right and didnt print some bar code or something. I did call my dad just before 2pm to check about it because my intern who'd just went to get her visa done had to go there a few times too. But anyway, they needed the bar code thingamagic.

So after all the trouble, it's a no-go. Then luckily I checked with Kharlene again.. They needed the payments to be made via bank drafts only. So Ma again flipped and was rushing cousin Melissa to sort that out too.

This is what you get when everything's done last minute.

And amidst all that, I had an annoying request that took the whole morning for me to do.

And it was raining all morning too.

So... yep, am definitely suffering from Monday morning blues..

Wish it was the weekend again. We ate crabs at Kuchai (again I know but hey, it's good!) and Shen, Pat, Rommel and I had kobe and wagyu at Angus Steakhouse, Pavilion for dinner last night. I also got to watch Wall-e (can be cute but rather annoying too).

Oh, and I totally forgot about my cousin Celine's birthday yesterday. So I'm rushing to crochet a little tote for her. Hope to finish it in a couple of days.

And now... it's back to work!


Priscilla said...

o_O Your morning sounds stressed. No wonder you were so quiet during lunch then!

...... I'm sooooo not looking forward to renewing Patty's visa again after his A levels are done.

Annie said...

oh.. I was at Wisma MCA this morning with my girl to collect her UK Visa too!! It was vy quick, just took her 20mins to get out from the office with her Visa. I found the procedures are much more faster and easy now as we can put in the application online and an appointment will be made immediately and then get the bank draft ready to be submitted tog with the application. Anyway, I'm sure everything will be ok with your bro's Visa!! hehe dont get stressed.. more knitting! As for me, no knitting for time being until my girl returns next week! Cheers.

Petrina said...

Thanks Annie!

Yup I think we were all just stressed cos it was already so late, we were all tired and there seemed to be an endless amount of ridiculous qustions.

But yup he's going back tomorrow morning so hopefully all goes well!

Dont think I'll be knitting tonight though... :(