Thursday, 7 August 2008

Knit update: Grandpa's Cardigan - the beginning

First I start with a shot of Grandpa's Cardigan - 1 skein still intact and 1 skein freshly wound.
Picture includes a pot of chrysanthemum tea I'd just bought from Hojo at the Gardens and the uber-cute teddy bears in kimono book Shen and I bought from Kinokuniya.

And here it is... work-in-progress as of last night. In the background is a picture of how it will (hopefully) turn out..

And next, a sneak at the scarf I'm knitting in a stockingnette check for Rommel. Love the yarn cos it's so light. Am planning to make a camisole for myself with the remaining yarn as I doubt I'll need to use all 10 balls that we'd bought at John Lewis for the scarf!

Cant see the pattern really well so will have to take better pics next time!

Good night!