Friday, 6 February 2009

Knit update: Too many WIPs

I've been overambitious. I know it. At last count on Ravelry, I have 9 WIPs outstanding, some in hibernation since I have not touched them in ages. And this does not include my latest project - a little secret for a friend who is expecting. She already know what I'm making since I regularly update her on my progress but I can't say more here.

Apart from this baby project, I have just realised I have 3 other friends who will become first time mothers over the next 2-4 months. So many babies, so little knitting time! I can't decide what to make since wool jumpers and mittens aren't the most practical in our tropical weather!

Baby blankets? Are they practical?
Baby booties? Will they fit?
Soft toys? I did think of little arugurumi crochet stuff. Always wanted to try making them.

On the other WIPs:
I'm finally making progress on my Vanna throw. Have cast off and am now single crocheting the border so that it hopefully doesn't curl up as much at the edges. It's really nice and warm, serves it purpose when I need a light blankie to take naps in. I have a feeling I'm going to start another throw once I'm done with this one.

My feather and fan stole is in the office with me today although I rarely knit at work. I'm still confused about this one. I love the yarn and I like the pattern but somehow I'm not too happy with how the stole is turning out. I fear I'll run out of yarn before the stole gets to a decent length so I'm now seriously considering frogging the whole thing and starting over. This time with bigger needles and a lace pattern with a lot of holes. I dont know. Still thinking about it.

The drawstring raglan, which essentially uses a variant of the feather and fan pattern, has been put on hold for the secret project and for what other baby stuff I decide to make.

Okay that's it! Rommel and I are off the Phuket tomorrow for some sun and relaxation..