Monday, 23 February 2009

Busy weekend...

Apologies for the lack of photos of late. Will try to post some tonight. Have been busy with work (results season coming in full steam this week), busy with my knitting (1 more FO over the weekend and started on 2 more projects) and of course busy with all the other stuff I've procrastinated about.

Saturday was a busy day. Came into the office in the morning to sort out some stuff. Then headed to Sg Wang Plaza to meet my mom's tailor. We have less than 2 months to Sunny's wedding so I needed to get the dress materials to Peggy @ Diana Boutique (our tailor), discuss the design I wanted and then get measurements taken. Then headed to Midvalley for lunch (only got to eat at 2.30pm though) and to run some errands. In the evening, Rommel and I watched the new Tom Cruise film, Valkyrie (not bad la, sister and I compared it to some of the other Hitler-related films where the endings are always everyone gets killed except Hitler.)

Oh I forgot to mention that while in Sg Wang, I stopped by Jet Sun again and bought three 60cm circular needles in 4.5mm, Japan size 9 and size 11.

We were out early on Sunday - attended the 8.30am Mass because BBC was scheduled to come in to film Father OC at Mass. But I like attending the earlier masses on Sundays. For one, we then have the whole day to do as we like. And, the weather is much cooler vs the later Masses.

Lunch was at Reunion in Bangsar Village II with Rachel who was back for the weekend. Incidentally, there was an FJ Benjamin warehouse sale on Celine, Raoul and Banana Republic stuff so we went and bought some shirts etc. Then there was the Trucco closing down sale as well (Shen, Trucco is now gone for good from Malaysia... I'm so depressed... But I managed to buy the remaining clothes - 12 pieces of clothing for RM1919! And it includes 2 long dresses.)

Over the weekend, Rommel has been in search of a suit so we also visited various shops we'd hoped would have decent suits - scoured The Gardens, Pavilion and even went to the Melium outlet in case they had decent Boss suits on sale. Came back with nothing so far. Sigh... the search continues.

Knit update:
Finished my first basic crochet shrug for myself. I liked the pattern so much since it's so easy and quick to crochet that I started another one in baby blue and am hoping to give it to one of the younger cousins when I'm done with it.
Also started on another mindless knitting project: a top for myself using the new Schachenmayer nomotto yarn Storia that I bought last week in Jet Sun. This is meant for knitting while at the cinema since it's just plain stockingnette in a round and I can knit it in darkness.

Hmm.... rather satisfied with my knitting progress over the weekend. Now I just need to take pictures and post them...