Monday, 2 February 2009

Trivandrum trip in a snapshot

Last month, we were in Trivandrum, Kerala, India for Rommel's cousin, Nicky's wedding.

It was a Catholic wedding held in St Therese Lisieux Church of Trivandrum so I didn't get to witness the full scale, Hindi-movie style wedding. But, it was a really sweet and simple affair and it was fun meeting all the relatives.

The wedding lunch was typical Keralan fare: buffet spread consisting appam (which ran out by the time I got to the queue), veg rice, fried chicken, mutton curry (yum!!), fish moilee (a bit too watery for my liking) and an assortment of veg somethings (I dont remember the names!).

We also had other meals with the family. Here we are in a vegetarian restaurant called Ariya Nivaas in Trivandrum.

(L-R): Auntie Celine, Auntie Iris, Nicky, me and Rommel

(L-R): Colin, Auntie Iris, Nicky, me and Rommel.

Their veg thali meal costs 60 rupees (RM4.60) and tastes good! I especially loved the rassam (sort of like a spiced soup).

Here's what Rommel and I wore for the wedding. My silk salwar was bought the day before at Parthas, one of the leading clothing retailers in Trivandrum. I spent so much money there... Ooops...

Rommel's outfit was bought at some craft place our driver took us to...
And I wore another one of my newly-purchased salwars for Auntie Iris' surprise birthday party the next night. Salwars are so comfy to wear and pretty flattering too! Highly recommended for fat days!


Priscilla said...

Ooooooh they're pretty!! :D Wear more and post pics!!!

Btw, school got cancelled an hour before my lecture today, and they've just emailed to say they're cancelling tomorrow's lectures too. Huzzah! (Actually, not really, because we really need to get a start on our coursework, and our lecturer didn't give it to us last week!)