Friday, 20 February 2009

Knitting "can delay" memory loss, BBC

Check this out!

Just wondering though, how can it help if I'm already so forgetful in my twenties?

Knit update:
Chantilly baby blankie has been completed and washed. I really like the squishyness of the yarn.

Also started on a little shrug - I needed a break from knitting so decided to make this simple crochet shrug using my Sublime cashmere merino aran in a nice olive green. My mom actually started a project with this top but she didn't touch for about a year so I frogged it one day and kept the yarn. I dont think she even remembers starting this project so it's okay. Details on Ravelry.

I really need to find time at home to put all my pictures together. I have pictures to post on the Vanna throw and Chantilly blankie and perhaps a picture update on current WIPs...