Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Knit update: Vanna throw is completed!

I finally completed the last row of single crochet for the border of my Vanna throw at midnight last night. What a joy (and relief!) to finally be able to make sure of it. But it needs to be washed and blocked first of course. Then come the pictures!

On other projects, I actually took the long-forgotten Kusa shawl with me to Phuket. I started it in Lourdes in June last year, shortly after purchasing the yarn in iKnit London. It was meant to be my travel project since I'm using my 5mm Clover bamboo hook (for safety reasons since metal knitting needles have a higher chance of getting confiscated on flights) but I rarely touch this project. Perhaps its because this is a "for me" project with no deadline so there's never a sense of urgency to finish it.

How I wish I had more time to knit.... Only got home at 9pm yesterday from work so I was only able to finish that little ending bit of Vanna throw and do 2 rows of my secret baby project before I got too tired. Sigh.