Thursday, 3 September 2009

Yes, I'm here

It's been a while, I know. Busy busy with work, finishing up a sector report so hopefully all goes well and it gets published soon!

I managed to sneak away for my birthday - 4 days with my family and Rommel. We headed to Phuket for some sun, sea, spa and FOOD. Pictures to come if my internet connection at home allows me to upload them! I was so annoyed a few Fridays ago when I could only upload ONE picture onto Flickr that night. Talk about ANNOYING! So many pictures and foodie stuff to blog about.... Sigh...

Knitting-wise, I've been productive (stress at work plus crappy internet at home = more knitting!).

1) I've finished my drawstring raglan which is a tad bit too big for me. I might wear it tomorrow to work and get response from my colleagues about it though.

2) I've also finished a shawl for my mom - her birthday's coming up so this will be my gift to her since she's always complaining that I never make anything for her. Really lovely gold and dark brown mix yarn - would go well with her Louis Vuitton monogramme collection!

3) I've started on a Cherry Leaf shawl (from Victorian Lace Today), using The Plucky Knitter Cashmere lace in a lovely baby blue. Pretty simple pattern to follow... So far so good!

4) I've also started a camisole for myself using 3 balls of Rowan Cashmerino in a gorgeous plum colour that my sister bought for me a while back.

Okay ta!

(Hopefully I'll post some pictures soon...)


knitterPat said...

Hope to see your photos soon :)

Petrina said...

Yes yes will hopefully be able to post some soon ya! :)