Thursday, 30 July 2009

Mad Days at work

Lots to update but not enough time to update them (and when I do find the time, the internet connection at home decides to die on me).

So a quick one in the middle of my lunch break.

In the midst of intense pressure at work, I've been destressing as much as possible with my knitting. (my fingers get all jittery when I'm stressed so knitting helps to calm me down)

-I've completed my Sunflower top and wore it out on Sunday. Must remember to take a picture of it soon.

- Also completed the Kitteh curtain for my bathroom. It's hung up now and looks super-cute. Pictures in the SLR so will need to upload them soon.

- During the Pangkor Laut trip, I also managed to make a cute little bag. I've called it Apricot bag I think. It's peach coloured yarn but I've already named another bag Peaches.

- The Apricot bag is now home to my latest bring to cinema project - the Bubblegum top. Simple stockingnette in a round using the baby pink cotton yarn I bought for RM2 from Sally who bought it in Ho Chi Minh City. This top will most likely go to my sister, although since she's back in KL for good, we can share...

- On the Drawstring raglan, I've made pretty good progress. I've completed the Feather and Fan bottom half and have done the arms holes. Also wound up 3 more skeins of the Pakucho yarn last night as I hope to make more progress with this in the coming days. I've been checking out other knitters' FOs from this pattern on Ravelry and am getting excited. I'm so happy with the simplicity of the pattern that I'm already planning to knit a second one!

There are a few reviews pending I think (I've been stressed so comfort food has been necessary. Goodbye diet!). Last week was an eat-out week since the family was away (Dad in Jakarta and the rest in Singapore).

Dinners included Sage on Monday, Ri Yakitori on Wednesday, House & Co at BSC on Thursday, Flying Chillies at Gardens on Friday, Soo Kee Noodles at Imbi on Saturday, Yuzu at Gardens on Sunday.

Scandalous.... Luckily during the day I have my Herbalife shakes!!

On Pangkor Laut - I've linked my previous post to my sister's blog since she's had the time to write 4 parts for the trip!

Ta! Back to work!


petrina said...

Ohh I like Yuzu :) I try and scout reviews so I won't waste time eating food that won't meet the grade when I go home!

Petrina said...

Yes Yuzu is pretty good. Its sister restaurants include Ninja Jones at North Point Midvalley, Shun in Subang Jaya (next to SJMC) and another new one in Dua Residency on Jln Tun Razak!