Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Totally disrespectful

Just wanted to note some rather upsetting things in the press:

A Muslim journalist from Al-Islam and a friend attended Mass at one of the Catholic churches in KL under the pretense of "investigating if allegations that young Muslims were being converted into Christianity". At Mass, they accepted Holy Communion, spat the host out and took pictures of it.

Now, we are always fine with non-Catholics/Christians coming to our churches. In fact, we more than welcome people into our church. But, they should not take Holy Communion as this is meant for Catholics only. On top of that, their treatment of the communion host is most unacceptable. Someone I know related it to the equivalence of bringing pork into a mosque. That is the gravity of disrespect that has been shown.

Source: Cathnews.com, The Nutgraph, Malaysia Today, The Sun

I usually refrain from such outbursts but it is most appalling that these 2 people could have been so ignorant and disrespectful of other people's religion. We shall pray that they see error in what they have done and apologise for their ignorance and thoughtlessness.


Priscilla said...

If there's one thing I have never missed about Malaysia is anything to do with religion. "Free to practise our own religion" my foot. And such disrespect! D:<

Maybe I really should find a job in Singapore.

Walter said...

They did WHAT ?
What on earth for ?
When a catholic receives communion he receives the body of Christ.
When they spit it out, it's just a piece of bread.
They're assholes.
But I'm not surprised after reading this :

Petrina said...

Yes it is appalling what they have done. If it was the other way around, they'd probably have had protests all over the country and threatened to burn down churches/ images of the Pope.

wernyz said...

thats so terrible!


and you are right Petrina, if its the other way round, it would have been havoc all over.