Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Knit update

A quick knit update since I'm feeling really restless (had katsu curry rice at Yashi no mi for lunch today with the siblings and I think having so much carbs at lunch is something alien to my body now).

The new yarns I ordered online arrived last week... So did the sushi stitch markers and knitting needles. I took a longer lunch break, went home to pick up my sister, headed over to the post office to collect the parcels, then went home again to rip open the packaging and celebrate the arrival of new things (feels almost like opening presents at Christmas).

I have also cast on for another project. I'm finally making use of Francie Stevens lace weight from the Plucky Knitter after much deliberation on what to do with my 2 skeins. I'm using the free shawl pattern that Kristine of St Seraphina sent as a thank you for purchasing her yarns. Let's hope I make some progress with this in Pangkor Laut this weekend.

Okay back to work!