Friday, 15 May 2009

Isetan sale starts today... and Dr Sebagh

The Isetan 11th Anniversary sale started today with the Members Day. I made sure I had my Isetan card and my credit cards and headed there at lunchtime. I wasn't interested in everything though. In fact, I've never actually been for a Member's Day sale and was worried about the crowds. But, Mom wanted me to get some stuff from the Dr. Sebagh counter in Isetan KLCC since the offer (for today only) was a free gift pack worth RM588 when you spend RM1000 and above.

Who is Dr Sebagh? Here's the results when you google him up.

My mom and I were introduced to his brand at a child's birthday party in the Shangri-la KL a month ago. While we were a bit out of place given that we didn't have any kids with us, our hostess (the birthday boy and birthday girl's mother) has always made sure that the parties were not a boring affair for adults. The kids were kept busy with some glass painting at one corner, an inflatable castle in another corner and a PS3 corner for the older kids. Of course there were clowns and cutesy cupcakes and kiddy snacks as well. But for the adults, this time, she got the team from Ken's Apothecary to set up tables and we got free hand masssages using Laura Mercier products. We also got to buy the Laura Mercier products at a great price (and I'm a sucker for a bargain) so Mom and I bought some shower gel and body lotion sets.

They also had a Dr Sebagh counter because our hostess has been using their products and found great improvement to her skin. Mom of course decided to try (you'll never find out if things are really good or not until you try them for yourself). She got the Serum Repair and the Vitamin C powder and they gave her the moisturiser sample to try out.

After two weeks of using, our regular hairstylist, Florence (of A Cut Above Midvalley), asked Mom if she'd done anything to her face because her skin was looking firmer. So if Florence can tell a difference (she's been seeing my mom every 1-3 days for the last 8 years so she knows her pretty well), that says something.

The person who talked my mom into buying the Dr Sebagh products that day is Maggie. I first met Maggie, who is based at the Dr Sebagh counter in Bangsar Village, a few months back in Bangsar Shopping Centre where I, in a random splurge phase, bought a bottle of Annick Goutal's Petite Cherie from her. She recognised me that day at the birthday party and so it started from there. She's also recommended me the eye cream for my dark circles and fine lines (sigh I blame my job) but she didn't have it with her that day.

So I was supposed to go over to BV one of these days to buy the eye cream there but when we spotted the offer in Isetan, I thought, why not? And so...... here's the damage done today:

Eye Expert for Mom - RM319,
Extreme Moisturise and Serum Repair set for Mom - RM1309
For Your Eyes Only for myself - RM519

Total = RM2147

Let's just see if my eyebags and dark circles really go away....


Priscilla said...

Omg, if the dark circles thing really works, lemme try too!!! I'm so sick of seeing those shadows under my eyes D:<

Ooooh Ma already has really good skin. Can't imagine it being better, but I guess I'll see when I get home :D

Petrina said...

Not sure if it's really helping... After 2 weeks of usage... Dunno.. you tell me when you see me at the end of next month whether there's an improvement. But my dark circles are much lighter than yours anyway! Nyeh nyeh nyeh...