Monday, 3 December 2007

It's Monday and Im back at work

I really need to start blogging more consistently.. but since my exam is over, I think I shd be able to!

So, how was the exam? Alright I suppose, I cant really say it was the most difficult thing on earth, but I dare say it was the most confusing exam I have ever sat for (maybe the next-most confusing after last year's attempt since I barely studied last year). I knew most of the concepts, having poured over them for the past 2 weeks.. I did the sample questions and revision questions from my tuition place.. And yet, there were some questions that I really had no clue on! At least I tried to answer everything!

Will I pass? I certainly hope so cos I definitely do NOT want to sit for it again... I have never failed an exam in my life until last year's Level 1!

So anyway, Im back at work and actually I did miss the office a bit.. It was rather mundane staying at home all day but that's cos I had to study!! This morning's time was filled with my usual monthly requests and one weekly request as well. That spilled over slightly into the afternoon bit. Also did most of my updating stuff and read up on things I've missed over the past 2 weeks.

Cant wait to go home and knit! Am still trying to finish my teal shrug, still work-in-progress. I have sewn up the sleeves so am now crocheting a little border for them since I decided I shd have made the shrug a wee bit longer...

I need suggestions on how to use up my yarn. Perhaps I shd post photos of what yarn I have at the moment and see if anyone responds with suggestions? I dunno if anyone even reads my crap!

Anyway, Im off now... I wanna go homeeeee...