Friday, 21 December 2007

MacQ Go-karting challenge Dec 07

We had so much fun that Sunday 9 Dec, that I went again, with Rommel, my brother, Ian, Uncle James, Hilton, Mabel and Aunty Lena - who brought her family.

Here are pics from our MacQ championship:

Myself with Godbrother Ian and Aunty Lena

Seated (L-R): Salina, Calise, Calise's husband
Standing (L-R): Wai Fun & husband

The boys (L-R): Alex, Salina's husband, Yazif, Deen, Hazman, Azim

(L-R): Wai Fun's husband, Hilton, Kok Hoong and Uday

The team that made it to the final round - notice that Im the only girl who qualified! And Im the only one with a grey top and hugging my helmet.. Good to know my karting skills are improving.

The final race...

The irony that the championship was won by a non-MacQ staff. But Im proud my boyfriend was the winner! :D (Although I think with more practice, I soon will be able to beat him at this!)