Thursday, 13 December 2007

TGIF.. But it's not Friday!

Im meeting with Nik, May Pearl and Jalil for lunch today at TGIF.. Been a while since I ate there. Am not the greatest fan of their food (prefer Chilli's any time) but it's nearby for most of us, except May Pearl who has quite a bit of distance to walk.

Priority is to get a place which is most convenient to Nik as she is due to give birth next week, 20th is her due date if Im not mistaken. Am actually really excited cos this is the first time a friend of mine (as opposed to a friend of my parents) is having a child! Plus the fact that I knew and worked with both Nik and Farouk when they started dating, attended their wedding and now witnessing the both of them become first time parents..

Am not too sure what dinner my dad has planned for tonight but everytime the whole family is together, as in when the kids are back, we have like daily feasts cos we want to let them try everything they've missed out on by being in England. And everyone knows England is not the world's culinary capital. Not that Malaysia is but I think we get pretty good food for much cheaper than the UK. Esp seafood.. and of course nothing beats good local nibbles.

Anyway, have been typing in here on and off while doing requests, updating some stuff and getting calls from Prem. Poor Premmie. He's getting married this week but still has to work. The Chinese tea ceremony was on Monday in KL and that was the day the TM announcement came out. His Hindu ceremony is tomorrow in JB so he's now back there to prepare but he has to work on TM today hence the frequent calls to the office. (In case anyone's confused on why he's having the Chinese and the Hindu ceremonies, his wife is Chinese while he's Indian).

Things are pretty quiet in the office and all of us seem to be in the Christmas mood already.. Still, work has to be done! Anyhow, I'm off for lunch!