Monday, 10 December 2007


Yay the siblings come home today.. 3 weeks to fatten them up before sending them back to cold, cold England!

We as a family seem to have an obsession with food. Good food to be exact. Once my dad finds a restaurant he likes, he will keep going back... repeatedly... as in 3 times a week! Examples of his favourite places are:-

Restaurant SuperTanker @ Damansara Kim - typical Chinese fare, the chef is from Overseas Restaurant, great food, decent prices, loads of people all the time so you need to book, especially on weekends. His recent addition to the menu is a variation to Peking Duck, where he uses mantou instead of the usual thin pastry and adds a deep fried dough with the duck. Quite nice as a new twist to what we have normally.

Max Fine Food and Wines @ Tengkat Tong Shin - Another regular haunt of my dad's. We first went there sometime earlier this year and were not that impressed with the service. Food was good however and so after a few rounds and complaints, my dad got chummy with the owner/chef, Max.. Now we go there so often that the waiters remember what we ate the last time we were there so they actually recommend us other things to try! I go there for the food and atmosphere... Great lamb chops and chocolate souffle.

Uzen Japanese Restaurant @ Concord Hotel - Great Japanese-fusion food, I used to go there for lunch when I was interning at Credit Suisse.. I like their beef rice set.. Simple, not too expensive and most of all, yummy! My dad has been there numerous times, bringing different group of people. We always order the Chef's Menu which rarely changes (can be a good and bad thing, depending on how you look at it). My fav: Butter fish tataki with Ponzu sauce.. I think it's better than what I've tried in KL Hilton's Iketeru and Equatorial's Kampachi. Also love their grilled prawns on papaya..

Anyway, I better finish off my stuff and head home. Im in charge of getting chilli crabs for the siblings as that is their special request as their first meal home... They arrive in half an hour so shd be home in time for dinner. Gluttons we are..