Thursday, 13 December 2007

Fish head curry... again.

We had fish curry for dinner last night, for the sister and brother. This time it was not made from scratch but my dad got the kuah (sauce) from a shop in Puchong.. Really nice Chinese style curry as opposed to the Indian style one we made a month ago.

We added 2 types of fish (one was pomfret and the other was a fish my Uncle Michael gave us from Sabah), squid, prawns, tau fu pok and loads of veg (cabbage, lady's fingers, aubergines). When eating fish curry, you dont need much else, a bowl of rice (or two) and a nice ice-cold glass of beer (I had Hoegaarden - shared with Rommel and my brother). Yummy..

Dinner was later than usual as I had a briefing to attend last evening at 6pm.. It ended at 7, I had to go back to office to write the flashnote, send it off to editorial and wait for it to be published. I left the office at about 8, got home at 8.20 so that was when my dad started putting the ingredients into the curry. Sis and bro were sleeping (still jet lagged) so we had to drag them out of bed to eat.

I introduced my sis to the Asian Food Channel (AFC) since she wasnt around when it was launched and now she's hooked! Haha..

Last night we watched The F Word - a Gordon Ramsay show and my current favourite on AFC. was rather sad that they finally slaughtered Trinny and Sussanah, the two pigs that the Ramsay family bought and reared for 18 weeks before sending them off to the abbatoir..

We also watched Dosanko Cooking which showcases Hokkaido cuisine. Sister fell in love with that and it helps that she understands and reads Japanese better than me.

Anyway, time to work!