Wednesday, 19 December 2007

I've started knitting again... finally

If you've noticed, despite the fact that my blog is called Knits n Nibbles, I mostly talk about food. Well, that's cos I spend more time eating than knitting! Haha..

But anyway, yesterday evening, I decided to go to Sungei Wang while waiting for my family to pick me up for dinner. It was on the way to Melia Hotel (if you come out from the SMART Tunnel, then it is on the way), so I thought I might as well do some shopping and maybe get a manicure...

I walked ard, bought 2 work shirts at Key Ng.. Not too bad, Im wearing one right now, they were 10% off. Decided to check out the back alleys of Sg Wang since I have not ventured to those places in a while. That was how I found Lily Handicraft! It's on the same floor as the Famous Amos shop. When you are facing Famous Amos, take the left lane along it and walk all the way to the end and turn left... It's one of the shops on your right.

I was just browsing and nosing around, like how I like to do in haberdashery shops, the ppl in there were pretty friendly and said that they provide free lessons as long as you purchase your products from there. So it just happened.. she showed me some magazines, I decided on a pattern, she got it photocopied, I chose my yarn and voila! I was sitting next to a bunch of aunties and casting on my first stitches.

I spent more than RM400 in there yesterday. The yarn was pretty expensive at RM29.90 per ball and I needed 12 balls for my design. I also bought the 3.25mm and 3.5mm bamboo needles (2 sets each) since I didnt have them as yet... But I think it was worth it cos I picked up lots of small tips that I wont usually get in my knitting books and also its so much easier when you actually have someone show you how to do something as opposed to pouring over a book trying to understand the picture or the instructions!!

Needless to say, I was hooked again and went back today at lunch time. I wanted to get on with the patterns! I've so far learnt how to make baubles and perfect my "yarn over" technique - funnily enough, I never understood the books although its actually not a difficult technique. I'll try to take pictures of my yarn (100% Italian cotton, lilac in colour) and what progress I have made so far.. And hopefully will post them here soon..

I also need to post my other completed or half-complete projects - they're all in the camera at home!

Oh yes a short note about yesterday's dinner at the Chinese restaurant of Melia Hotel - not too bad, typical Chinese cuisine, like Overseas Restaurant or SuperTanker. But it was really quiet (as in we seemed to be the only ppl there) so perhaps the freshness of the food can be worrying! Ah well, pretty decent dinner..

Tmrw is a public holiday here in Malaysia - Hari Raya Haji - it's the day when the Muslim men go to the mosque and perform some ceremony that involves the slaughtering of goats.. I think.. Something like that. Anyway, I'll be going go-karting at the track next to the Shah Alam stadium again with Rommel, Fatty, Ian and Aunty Lena's family. Then tmrw night the SFX Youth are coming over for carolling at 10pm. Tiring day and I may not get enough time to knit, unless I bring my knitting to the go-kart track and knit there..

So bye!