Wednesday, 5 December 2007

To knit or not to knit..

My sister sent me this blog which had pictures of knitted kimono coordinates... Yes Shen stuff look nice but I'll need a lot more yarn of the same type than what I have currently... although I think I may have enough of the yarns I got in Shrewsbury this September. I like the black and white haori that was made using granny squares... Hmm.... A project to think about as it'll take a long time before I finish it!!

I really should upload the pics I have taken of my previous projects.. It's all in my camera at home! Perhaps I'll do it over the weekend or when I can find time at home.

Hmmm my social calendar seems to be filling up. There's a BEC dinner tonight in Restoran SuperTanker in Damansara Kim. Not the most exciting of dinners but hey the food there is good and I dont mind catching up with some of the aunties and uncles. You'll never know what bit of gossip you can get from them! Haha..

Tomorrow evening I'll be attending some launch party by Coach. My friend Suennie got invites for it and is dragging me along with her. My mom also had invites for it but she's sending Rommel on her behalf instead.. (or rather I asked him to come along!)

It so happened that I saw a nice clutch in Coach on Sunday evening (yep, right after my exam I went shopping to destress). And you cant really expect me to go to a Coach event and not carry a Coach bag! So what did I do? Of course, I bought the clutch! I went to Pavilion with Suennie for lunch yesterday so I could get the clutch and she could look around at things too... Hehe

Anyway I best get back to work, have stuff to get done! Ta..