Monday, 17 December 2007

Macquarie Christmas Party 2007

Place: Max Fine Food & Wines
Date: 14 Dec 2007
No of attendees: 29

We had this year's office Christmas party at Max Fine Food & Wines, recommended by Geraldine and myself. We chose the place mainly because they had an upstairs area which can take about 30pax comfortably. And we both like the food there as well!

I forgot to take a copy of the menu to put in here so perhaps the next time I go there, I'll ask Max for it.

Most people seemed to have enjoyed themselves (I think). We spent Thursday and Friday planning the games - The Price is Right, Group Treasure Hunt, Matching pictures and Trivia - which we played while waiting for the various dishes to be served.

Some people had complaints about the food though - Aidah's chicken was not cooked through, some said the chocolate souffle was too dry or the chocolate was too bitter etc.. Need to give feedback to Max about it although I cant really fault him cos the dishes were all served in large plates and you take your piece from it. It was not a really fancy way to present the food..

I would have preferred the way we had it during my mom's birthday where everyone pre-ordered their main courses and only the starters were for sharing. That way, you can have whichever dish/meat you wanted. But ah well, the main idea was for everyone to get together and have some fun..
Anyway here are some pics from the party:
(L-R): Petrina, Ellie, Lena, Geraldine
Geraldine, Ellie, the presents & the Xmas tree

Geraldine and I at the tree

(L-R): Edward, Lena, Petrina, Ellie, Hilton

(L-R): Petrina, Edward, Geraldine