Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Chilli crab feast

I really should remember to take pictures of the food I keep describing. After all, a picture often says a thousand words. But again, I forgot to take pics of the chilli crabs I bought last night for dinner. I brought it home, the maid put it all in bowls, placed them on the dining table, and we started stuffing ourselves silly. By the time I remember about taking a picture, there wasnt much crab left! Haha..

Anyway yesterday evening started with me calling Tian Tian Hot Wok Food. This restaurant is in Kuchai Enterpreneurs' Park, a typical "tai chow" place with no aircon and not the greatest of service. But they serve really good chilli crabs so we dont complain. We also dont complain cos they are actually renting their premises from us (my parents own the 4-storey corner shoplot) so good business for them means we get our rent payments on time. Anyway, there was no answer on their phone so I had to presume that they were closed.

My back up plan was Restoran Hai Peng which is along Old Klang Road just outside the exit to Taman Desa. We used to go there really often when I was a kid and each of us had a favourite dish there, apart from their chilli crab of course. I loved their deep fried pigeons (which they dont have anymore unfortunately), my sister loves their lala (clams) stir fried with chillies and my mom loves their Hokkien-fried meehoon. So for yesterday's dinner, we had the crabs, the lala and the meehoon.. and also marmite chicken which was alright. Main highlight was of course the crab. We ordered the Kalimantan crab which was pricier than the local crab but it was bigger, had more meat and tasted great.

Now with chilli crab, we usually have toasted bread (or fried mantou if I'm ordering from Tian Tian in Kuchai). But since the bread turns soft and soggy once you get home (if you're taking it away that is), I went to the local mini mart, Sri Kota to buy Hainanese bread which we then toasted at home so it's fresh... Yum..

All this talk about food is making me hungry.. Time to go home for dinner then! I believe today's menu is steak, rocket salad with balsamic vinegar dressing, garlic bread, mushroom soup. My dad and siblings went grocery shopping at lunch time for the ingredients and if Im right, I have to head home early cos I usually have to make the salad dressing, the garlic spread and make sure the mushroom soup came out right. Now Im wishing I went and got that bottle of truffle oil I wanted.. Darn!