Monday, 17 December 2007

Hangover weekend

It's been a while since I've had a hangover. As in a really bad one.. I wouldn't call Sunday morning's hangover really bad.. but maybe bad. You know the works: headache, nauseous feeling in the throat, feeling really thirsty, tired but cant sleep.. Yup.. that's how i felt.

Saturday night, Rommel and I attended his friend Claudine's birthday party at her home somewhere in Kuchai. Quite a nice, cosy home with quirky furnishing, good garden space.. Only bad thing was the roads were really narrow and steep but I think it's cos the area is so old. I didnt try the Devils Curry or other stuff they had laid out cos we had just had a full 8 course dinner at Gu Yue Tien, Chulan Square. More on the dinner after this.

Anyway, we got to the party at about 10.30pm I think.. I didnt know anyone and wasnt really in a sociable mood so we bummed in the living room with Sheena (a long-lost church mate I hadnt seen in maybe 8 years) and her friend Cecilia. Soon, Destine came with Jared and Terence so I knew more ppl. We had some beer, then the Absolut Pear that Rommel and I brought as present, then when that ran out, we had a 42 below in some weird flavour that wasnt even nice. Not to mention the glasses of wine we had during dinner.. I dont think I had that much to drink.. I mean, I wasnt drunk, I remember everything that happened, I didnt break any glasses... Haha..

Claudine and Carl (I think that's his name) announced their engagement that night too. They've been living together for 3 yrs now so I guess that wasnt a surprise to everyone. Anyhow, congrats to them both!

Now, on to dinner.. The parents decided we shd go to Gu Yue Tien and invited Uncle James, Aunty Irene, Ian, Celine, Aunty Julie, Rachel and Becky.

Here is our menu:
Fresh Oyster Sashimi - I dont really eat oysters but the wasabi sauce was nice
Oven Baked Tomato with Seafood - nice fusion dish with a creamy, cheesy filling. Sort of like seafood chowder stuffed in a tomato.
Braised Superior Sharks Fin Soup - the soup was a bit thicker than usual but I like sharks fin soup in any way.
Pan-fried Black Pig with Wasabi & Butter Shoyu Sauce - tasted like smoked bacon.. something different and interesting.
Wok Charred Rack of Lamb - a nice twist to the usual rack of lanb fare.
Steamed Mini Glutinous Rice - Pretty much a "Lo Mai Kai". Yum..
Cofee Cake with Ice cream and Avocado cream - The avocado cream is one of Gu Yu Tien's specialities.. A must have for me whenever I go there.

The chef didnt include my favourite steamed egg yolk with foie gras reduction so my dad asked them to make it anyway, despite already having 8 dishes on the menu. Always a favourite although this time, I think they didnt put enough foie gras in it.

Okay time for a bit of essay writing now, right Ellie?? Hehe