Monday, 31 December 2007

Christmas Carolling 2007 @ Home

Merry Christmas all! The youth group from our parish, the Saint Francis Xavier church in PJ, asked if we wanted to have them over for carolling.. We happily obliged and the date was set for 20th Dec. Later, we got a call from our BEC carolling group for the same night too but my parents had already promised the SFX bunch so we had to decline.. Anyway, here are some pics from that night..

Our nativity set in the foyer welcomes each visitor into our humble home..

Some of the BEC ladies whom we invited to join in for the carolling

More beautiful ladies..

And more...

The Grub - to feed the hungry carollers... and of course ourselves!

Yong tau fu - from the famous Madras lane stall..

More of the yong tau fu and chee cheong fun

My fav - deep fried fu chok stuffed with fish meat. The best are from this Madras lane stall.. I can eat LOADS of this, in one sitting and also munching throughout the day. My mom always buys packets-full of them whenever she goes there.

Wantan mee - from the food court near my home. Yea so we didn't really cook anything but hey at least the food was good!!

Me the glutton with the Christmas essential - The Fruitcake

Finally the carollers arrive, after making us wait almost an hour.

It was also Lawrrence's (one of the carollers and Sherece's godson) birthday so we had a surprise cake for him.