Saturday, 24 November 2007

Christmas isnt Christmas.... until a month from now..

Christmas carols have been ringing in my head all evening.. I dunno why but carols always seem to cheer me up. Especially the image of Angeline dancing away while banging on her keyboard.. I cant wait for Christmas to come, although much planning is needed esp with regard to presents - I dont have time to knit/crochet all that I want to give to people. Perhaps I should start making next year's present now then I'll have time..

Anyhow, we were at Midvalley for dinner, decided to bring Mom to Ninja Jones since she hasnt been there before (surprisingly esp since we've all been there numerous times). I had my Mentaiko spaghetti which was as usual delicious. Dad had the Bara sushi set which turn out smaller than when Patty ordered it a few months ago. Evelyn had the beef and fish set which was really disappointing cos the portions have also seemed to have shrunk. Mom had the tori karaage and garlic fried rice which were quite good.

After dinner, Mom wanted to hop over to Metrojaya to have a look at the Christmas deco there. Yesterday we had already ventured into Robinsons and thought the stuff there were quite nice but Metro's designs were much nicer, they had a wider variety AND they were cheaper. So yea, we're gonna buy the rest of our Christmas deco from Metro.

Sigh, it's Saturday night, everyone's most likely out partying or having drinks or at least watching a movie. Me? I've got to finish reading at least half of macroeconomics by the end of the night and since its already 11.40pm, I guess I'm not gonna finish.. Ah well, there's always tomorrow! And besides, it's such a boring topic, it's mostly stuff that we've learnt in A-Level Econs (Shen, think Mr Morris talking about the cross elasticity demand of strawberries and cream... or apples and oranges?? Yup.... and I was busy drawing all those demand-supply charts this afternoon while doing microecons.. Yawn.. I thought I was done with those things after A-Levels)

Huei Suen called me this morning and gave me such a scare. She was asking which was the correct calculator to buy for the exam... and I was like... Umm it's only a week away to the exam.. But yea I went through a similar thing last year when I took the exam as well.. Haha..

Oh yea Shen abt the new layout for this blog, go ahead.. Im too lazy to figure this out right now and am fine with how this looks so I'll wait until you come back and you do it then.

Anyway I'm off to try and read some stuff from the Econs book.. Let's see how much goes in at this time of the night... Ta..

- Petrina


Priscilla said...

Hahaha, yeahh I can sooooo imagine Mr. Morris talking about that!! I miss him =( I can also imagine Mr. Hayward talking about it too!!

Okay, for the background, I though we could put a few balls of yarn and a half-finished scarf or something with the knitting needles still in (duh).. Arrange it tastefully on a white surface (we might need the floor for this one)..

Leave abit of space, and bake some cookies and cupcakes, then arrange them next to the knitting stuff (maybe have a bite taken out of one of the cupcakes, a cookie broken in half, visible crumbs..)

Take a picture of that, then lighten the colours, and use that for the background. The font is quite nice as it is already so we'll leave it..

Then for the banner we can take a picture of you knitting and another of you baking, then I'll adjust it so that we only show the knitting needles and the mixing bowl, and use that...

For the sidebar, I'll think of some stuff to add in, like your profile, links to other flogs, and your friends' blogs... And a few icons of food, of course! Hehehehe.. Have to see how well that turns out though. I might need Ma's Photoshop editor thingy that we bought in September!

-:: Priscilla ::- said...

Oh hey, I got a blogspot blog too, just to get used to the templates and all. I thought I'd just leave it alone, but then I figured, hey? Why not turn it into a kimono blog? So yeah, I got a kimono blog up!! Go see it at:

When I get home, I'm soooo gonna help you edit the template! So fun to do!! (then again, it IS a small hobby so.....)