Monday, 19 November 2007


This is a rather odd time for me to be starting a blog. It's 8 days to my exam so ideally I should be studying. But yea, procrastination is something I do really well, especially when it comes to studying. I thought I was done with exams the moment I left university. I mean at the back of my head, I knew that I would soon be pushed to do the CFA exams but I didnt want to think about then.

But anyway, welcome to my little world of constant babble and small talk. I'm a normal working young adult, back in Kuala Lumpur after 5 years of studying in England (2 yrs in the small but pretty town of Shrewsbury and 3 yrs in London). I like to knit (and crochet) in my free time and also dabble with other craft projects such as cross stitching and decoupage. I also like to bake and cook, esp when my sister is back from London (it's her turn in university there now, along with my brother who there is doing his GCSEs).

I occasionally read other ppl's food blogs (I believe a term has been coined for such blogs - flogs was it?). A colleague of mine is a foodie as well and she keeps herself updated with these flogs regularly. I also like reading knitting blogs and love drooling over lovely yarns from England which I cant find in Malaysia and it will be ridiculous to wear wool in our hot, humid weather anyway! Then it crossed my mind one day that I have never come across a blog that discusses BOTH food and knitting.

So that's when I decided I should just start my own blog and decided to name it: Knits and nibbles.



Priscilla said...

*grins and waves* Just to let you know I'm here! Oh, you might want to allow anonymous comments cos otherwise, I can't comment! XP

KreativeMix said...

good luck with exams!!!