Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Yarn, glorious yarn!

I came home from work to a very happy find - 2 parcels on my bed!! It came it came, my head screamed! I tore open the packaging and here's what I found:

Firstly, the Plucky yarns arrived (it seemed like ages but it was actually about 11 days) hehe.. Only 4 skeins have come though so I'm thinking that the rest must be in another parcel. Coming soon I hope? I've sent Sarah, the Plucky Knitter an email to check that she sent them in 2 parcels. If not, where are the rest of my yarns? Praying now...

Anyway, below are the Barcalounger (bottom) and Lydia (top). Absolutely gorgeous!

And a close up of Lydia. Love the colours!! Now, I just need to think of what to make with them! hehe... I bought without thinking what to make. Maybe a cowl?

Then come the 2 skeins of Grandpa's Cardigan. Lovely grey and I'm thinking of making something for Rommel... but what? It's not like we live in a country where there's winter so I can't make him a scarf or a hat. And it's not enough for a cardigan/jumper. That's been my dilemma with making stuff for Rommel. We don't have much opportunity to use these things except in the office where it can get freezing cold at times!

Then the Pakucho yarn I ordered from JBW arrived too. I placed the order for this on 6th June and I think it only got shipped on 9th June. So, 8 days... Super!

These yarns were 44% off at US$4.95 per skein so I thought it was a good buy. 100% organic cotton made in Peru. Rommel doesn't like the texture of this... not "squishy" according to him. I had to explain it was cotton. And he said that the cream one looked like the cheaplak string we get at the hardware store (*sob*). But it is pretty soft to me and I cant wait to start knitting with it. I already have something in mind (an all-purpose shawl in a neutral colour for the office) but I wont have time to do it until after my London trip! Isn't it lovely?

Shen, what do you want? Do you think Fatteh would want anything?


Priscilla said...

Ooooooh they're so preeeeeetty!! I like the Barcalounger! Such lovely colours.

The white cotton one does NOT looks like cheaplak string from the hardware store! And I'll bet it'll look really nice when you knit it! XD