Thursday, 5 June 2008

RCIA Kids Craft and Baking Day

Ma has been planning a little gathering for the RCIA kids in our house for ages. So now that Easter's over and RCIA 2008 has ended, she alloted one fine Saturday for the kids and moms to come over to do some crafts, to bake cookies and to decorate cupcakes.

Special mentions are Godsis Olivia who helped with the crafts and to Godbro Calvin who taught the baking and decorating sessions.

Here's a pic of Olivia and some of the kids stamping out paper cutouts to be pasted on little individual notebooks. (Sorry we forgot to take pictures of the books themselves)

Here is Ma helping Godsis Sarah with decorating her cupcake while the other girls looked on. (Don't worry, there were loads of cupcakes, cream and toppings for everyone to decorate and bring home)

And here is Calvin teaching the kids how to make sugar cookies..

Calvin's specialty is actually cake decorating. (Check out his website, Black Forest Tavern). He's recently returned from the UK where he was for a few weeks teaching folks there. This a lovely rose he made for one of the little girls.

I chipped in too! Made sausage puffs for their snack, although this was my first time trying this particular brand of puff pastry I bought from the Village Grocer. Not very nice!

Of course, when we have kids over, we just HAVE to set up the chocolate fountain. Served with an assortment of crackers, marshmallow, strawberries and grapes. We also had more filling stuff, namely French fries (that practically disappeared the moment I took it out of the kitchen!), Mom's fried noodles, fried chicken drummets and wings.

And of course, special thanks to Rommel who took most of the pictures. :)