Thursday, 5 June 2008

Prada sale!!

I love it when it's the Sales season... Loads of postcards and catalogues get sent to the house, laminated papers telling you of the temptations that await you when you get to the shopping malls. It's almost as fun as the start of a new season's collections, when you get to see everything for the first time!

Ma "so happened" to be at KLCC and "popped by" for the Prada sale. Here's the damage done today... (I say today cos there were other bags she liked but couldn't decide on so she came home to seek my "expert" opinion. In other words, she needed (very little) encouragement to buy more.

First up is a phone and Blackberry holder for me. She already has the same thing in black and finds it really useful to store the 2 most important gadgets in her life. She said if I didn't want it, she'll use it.. Then she can have 2 colours to choose from. There were other nice colours but those were sold out already.

Next is a nice teal clutch which looks greener in this picture. I already have the black and pink clutch in lambskin and I think Ma noticed that I use it a lot. So she got another one for us to use. She said there are a few more colours available at the shop so she might go back and buy them up.

I found this picture below funny... cos the bag almost disappears among my curtains! Absolutely soft lambskin and a very practical sized bag for me!

Since I was taking pictures and this bag was on the table, I decided to snap it. Shen, I can't remember if you've seen this. I bought it from Coach sometime earlier this year (or late last year perhaps). A nice small clutch that matches with a lot of things.

Ma went to KLCC, and I went to the Robinsons sale in the Gardens, Midvalley. For a very specific reason I must add!! (I'm supposed to be studying remember).

We saw in the Robinsons sale catalogue that they were putting the Kitchen Aid mixer I have been eyeing on sale from RM2699 to RM2499 and comes with a Kitchen Aid cook book. Have not taken a picture of the mixer but here's one of the book!

Am dying to try the bread recipes but waiting until after Sunday!!

Lastly, here is an old picture of the poncho to give you an idea of what the colours are like, Shen.
It's now almost done, with just the border to be completed.