Thursday, 5 June 2008

Pinky Prada

I just realized that in my haste to post the Prada Sale!! pics before dinner, I forgot to include this one. Don't you think it's a pink overload?!? Wait til I add in Ma's new hot red Cybershot camera, a recent acquisition last weekend, into the picture.

Shen, our pink department in Ma's cupboard is getting so full that we've divided them into 3 compartments, the deep pinks, the baby pinks and the peachy pinks. This doesn't include the reds (of which we have 2 compartments) or the purples (1 compartment for both the deep purples and lavenders) or the peaches (1 compartment).

And another thing, Ma saw a nice bag in Coach the other day - She said it was blue and a good size for a school bag. Do you want it? On sale too so make up your mind fast...

Oh and Shen, if you can make it out, the blue and pink item on the left with a crochet hook sticking out is the poncho! Still WIP.