Sunday, 8 June 2008

Finally... it's over!

It feels weird. All these weeks have been about studying, not going out, not having a social life, turning knitting and baking into a luxury (or a sin) because I'm supposed to be studying.. Then suddenly, it's over.

CFA Level 2 exam today. The first paper was pretty easy, especially when compared to the nightmare that was the second paper. Now, all I can do is pray that I did much better in the morning paper to make up for the second one. One consolation, most people I spoke to said that the second was much tougher too.

Right after the paper, I went home, ate some pisang goreng (Ma was trying out a new batter and it was not good. The batter didnt stick well on the bananas and everything ended up kinda mushy. We're sticking to the other brand that Aunty Pauline recommended.), and drank some cendol. YUM.

Rommel and I then headed to The Curve to walk around. I really wanted to go to Robinsons to check out the sale but I didn't dare because the last time I was at their shoe section during the Xmas sale, I came away with 5 pairs of shoes. And I'm trying to spend less so that I'll feel less guilty when I spend in London and Barcelona.

(Thoughts of TopShop Oxford St, Selfridges and Covent Garden are keeping me very motivated to not shop. Not to mention checking out the yarn stores Loop and I Knit London too! And of course the haberdashery departments at John Lewis Oxford St and Liberty. Ahhhhhh... I'm going there with an empty luggage but dont count on it being empty when I get back!!)

Dinner was at Restoran Super Tanker in Damansara Kim with the parents, church friends and Fr Simon Yong. Pa brought this parrot fish which the chef deep fried for us. I personally prefer it steamed but some at the table (namely Ma and Aunty Rubyann) prefer fried fish. Also had fried meehoon which was really good (because of all the pork lard in it), fried pork ribs, veg and steamed shellfish (I think it was a type of clam). For dessert, the peanut soup and lotus pancakes.

So much for dieting eh? Ah well, I can say it's to celebrate the end of my exam! :p


Priscilla said...

I forgot to wish you good luck last night and only remembered about it at 9 this morning .___."" At least I wished you good luck in advance last week!

Ooh, I bought a knitting magazine yesterday cos it came with free 5mm knitting needles and a pouch to hold them. Really cheap plastic needles, but I figured I could just use them to learn how to knit. I'd buy yarn from John Lewis, then knit a square or something, and when you come over, I'll rip whatever I've done out and you can make me a nice shawl from the mag! Nyehehehhehe... Weather's really nice today. Sunny. Hot. No wind, though ;_;